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Configuration Manager task sequence error – Drive Sector Not Found during user state capture

Joe Kuster

Was at a client site and received an unexpected error “Drive Sector not found” when doing a in-place refresh task sequence. The disk looked good, was bootable, and no issues were found with a chkdsk. A bit of Googling found nothing that looked relevant. Turns out, the client had removed the normal permissions from the State Migration share. Adding them back fixed it on the spot.

Upgraded to iOS 8 and can’t get AirPlay to work? Try scrolling…

Joe Kuster

I use an iPad Mini to demo Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite and it’s worked quite well to showcase Intune’s capabilities. However, after upgrading to iOS8, my ability (seemingly) to use AirPlay to mirror the screen for my training demos quit. I use tried both of my go to solutions, AirServer and Reflector, with no luck. I could see my PC’s name, but nothing would show up. Turns out, Apple just made a counter intuitive change in the way that it displays the AirPlay menu – see below:

Swiping up to show settings and selecting AirPlay would show the following menu. Normally I’d select my laptop from the list (X79 in this case) and a toggle switch would be displayed to turn mirroring on or off. However, after iOS 8, that isn’t what happens.

2014-11-05 20_01_06-Inbox - - Outlook

However, if you scroll up (there is no indication that this is necessary) you get the mirror on/off button.
Airplay options


If I hadn’t had a spare VGA to Lightning adapter, this would have been disastrous for my Microsoft Roadmap Briefing demos.