5 Questions for MicrosoftMercenary.com

5 Questions for the Microsoft Mercenary Blog

1. Who are you?
Joe Kuster MCITP, MCTS: You can learn more about my work on LinkedIn
2. Do you work for Microsoft?
No, I’m a consultant who focuses solely on the Microsoft Technology stack, but I can usually be found at the monthly Microsoft Enterprise Management User Group in the Denver Microsoft building. If you are in the Denver Metro and work with, or are interested in working, with System Center, Hyper-V, App-V or similar technologies in the Microsoft lineup, I highly encourage dropping by.
3. What are your areas of focus?
I work predominately with the System Center Suite with a specialization in Configuration Manager.
4. What type of content do you hope to provide and will there be funny pictures?
Anything useful to those working in the System Center suite or Microsoft focused Private Cloud functionality. Also, yes.
5. Can I hire you?
I work for Catapult Systems, a top tier Microsoft Consulting Company with many accolades including being a highly coveted Microsoft National Systems Integrator. If you are in need of IT Consulting, especially in the Microsoft ecosystem, you can hire some amazing talent there, including myself. This is an unofficial blog, so none of my posts reflect the views or opinions of my employer.
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