Add Azure RMS License to Office 365 E1 Users

If you are like most companies looking to secure your data, and you happen to be on Office 365, it’s a pretty no-brainer to enable Azure RMS for item level protect (encryption + usage rights + user controls). If you have an E3 license, you already have rights to use RMS and I’ve covered how to enable Azure RMS before for your Office 365 tenant. However, what about your E1 users? Well, thankfully Azure RMS can be purchased stand alone and it’s pretty reasonably priced. Call up your LAR and one conversation later, your Azure RMS licenses appear in your Office 365 Portal.

Now, you could manually assign users, but around here, we’re fans of being lazy admins. I’m also a big fan of a single line of PowerShell where I can get away with it hence:

Note, that if you re-run this script, nothing bad happens. You will not accidently use multiple licenses, but you will see it complain about an “Invalid” license where it prevents assigning two of the same licenses to a user.

That error looks like:

If you see above on your first go and your portal does not show that you’ve consumed your licenses, you need to check your SKUs are available and that you are using the correct domain. Thankfully there’s a simple commandlet to display that information. Just run the following: