Issues Running the Intune Managed Browser? See Requirements Below.

The new Intune Managed Browser allows some cool new capabilities such as whitelist/blacklist and remote wiping of browser caches. Right now it’s only available on Android, however word is that the iOS version has been submitted and is only awaiting Apple approval. If you want to give it a test run, as a word of caution, you cannot simply download it and run it, even if you have a compliant Intune Managed device. Go ahead an uninstall the browser for now and instead take the following steps:

  1. Create a Managed Browser Policy under Policy > Configuration Policies > Add
  2. Expand Software > Mobile Browser Policy (Android 4 and later) and select Create a Custom Policy
  3. Provide a Policy Name, add any whitelist/blacklist pages and hit Save Policy
  4. Under Software > Managed Software choose Add Software
  5. Sign into the Software Management wizard
  6. Choose Add Software and click Next
  7. Choose External Link and paste in 
  8. Fill out the Application Details. I have added the Intune Managed Browser logo below, simply save as and use it.
    2015-02-06 20_46_10-Intune Managed Browser - Android Apps on Google Play


  9. Click Next and Upload
  10. Back in the Intune Portal, Navigate to Software > Managed Software. Highlight the Intune Managed Browser and select Manage Deployment.
  11. Deploy to your users or devices, select your Android MAM policy if required (highly recommended, see MAM post for how to) and under Managed Browser select the policy you created on step.
  12. Enjoy your new Managed Web Browser Smile

2015-02-07 04.01.03